Friday, July 6, 2012

Eleven Madison Park

Is it worth it?  Yes!!!

Last summer we treated our family to Per Se.  And we all thought it was fabulous.   This summer our treat was Eleven Madison Park,  another 3 Michelin Star NYC restaurant and one of the top 10 restaurants in the world  (# 3 in the U.S.)  It was fabulous times two.  Of course Eleven Madison Park has a bit of an advantage, as we are still under the influence of the tastes and nuances of this more recent dining experience.  We of course just had to do the eight course tasting menu – no decisions to be made.  I am sometimes a bit apprehensive giving myself up totally to the dictates of the Chef.   And I typically don’t expect to appreciate and enjoy every course.   But I loved every one of the 15 or so (I stopped counting after a bit) treats we were served.  Every course was a small quantity of a very big taste.  I am now a devotee of Chef Daniel Humm.

I am still relishing the taste of the savory Parmesan and black truffle “black and white” cookies in a beautiful box with which we were presented on seating.   Then an amazing tomato tea with striking lemon thyme garnish, several so tasty seafood amuse bouches, an innovative clambake course complete with seaweed and rocks, an amazing foie gras course with a raspberry paté and a mint paté, a lobster course which highlighted the simply elegant taste of the lobster while still providing innovative garnishes, a duck course, an exquisite egg cream made tableside, and on and on. 

I can’t wait to go back!

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