Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brooklyn Gastronomica

Ok, so now I read in the New York Times that the Manhattan restaurant I have raved about -  Eleven Madison Park (see my previous entry) is working to up their game even more.  I'm impressed that they are not resting on their laurels and continuing to innovate.  I suppose that is necessary in this high tech, ever changing world we live in.

I know Brooklyn also has some great restaurants but this trip we were cooking in and so went with our native in the know family members and head to Faicco’s for pork sausage (for a pasta sauce), and the homemade mozzarella and the cheese and fennel pork ring  (for appetizers).  What a beautiful meat counter and I love watching the pork artists at work in their storefront kitchen.  And for dessert – of course the traditional Italian cookies from Mona Lisa’s. 

On the way back from shopping we drive by “Police Commissioner Reagan’s” house from our most favorite TV show - Blue Bloods.  They don’t film actually in this house but a fun drive by to see the house front they use in the show. 

The five boroughs of New York City.  Fun facts to know.


  1. Faicco's in the Village, too.. We always look forward to going to Faicco's on Bleecker Street, next to Murray's Cheese shop (fabulous ravioli's), and across the street from Rocco's Pastry shop for cappuccino.

  2. What is the blue bloods house location please?

  3. My dad lived in that house in the 30's

    1. WOW...so cool. does the interior look anything like they portray on show? Do you know the current value & is it occoupied?

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