Tuesday, May 1, 2012

L'Arte di Mangiare Bene, NYC

L'ARTUSI Restaurant

We would never have ventured into the West Village Area when we lived here 25 years ago.  Now it is the! place.  I will come back here tomorrow and roam 10th St. and shop in the cute, cute, cute boutiques.

L'Artusi  - trendy, nouvelle? Italian.  Seems like an in place.   The noise level is high.  The waiters are great.   Food is very good, very fresh.  We had a raw hamachi appetizer, roasted mushrooms with a fried egg on top, a lovely beet salad, several nicely done pastas and a new age cod dish, a delicious Budino dessert (chocolate pudding with a créme fraîche like topping - excellent), and well done cappaccinos. Everything was delicious but I am still searching for that perfect pasta. 

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