Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Schnitzel in New York

My son emailed me today from NYC:   

"So last night I was watching a food network show on the best food trucks around the country. I saw a truck in New York, Schnitzel and Things, and was extremely intrigued. They serve various schnitzels, along with sides, and it's apparently very good;  they have even opened up a small restaurant around 45th St. in addition to the truck. I checked out the truck's schedule and found that it was going to be at 27th and Park today so I had to try it.  I got the Chicken Schnitzel platter with beet and feta salad and fries, with a spicy sriracha mayo sauce. Very good, albeit unhealthy. Might be a good thing to try next time you are in New York!"

It used to be that "a dirty water dog" from the local food cart was a fast and cheap lunch.  Today gourmet food trucks seem to be destinations in their own right - especially in New York City.  What's next?   Caviar and blini on the corner?  Paté de campagne and cornichons on Columbus?

I checked out the menu for Schnitzel and Things and it looks amazing and real competition for the original.   Check out my blog entry on the schnitzel in the birthplace of schnitzel - Austria.

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