Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Island in the Middle of Paris

Paris, France

It’s August and hot.  We really shouldn’t be in Paris in August – but circumstances insist.  But we have found the perfect spot for dinner on this hot summer evening thanks to friends who are locals.  We cab it to the Bois de Boulogne, the Central Park of Paris (but more than twice as large as the New York City park), and even though the taxi driver doesn’t know the restaurant we are searching for, we finally find it.  Well we don’t find the restaurant exactly but find the path down to the landing where you take the cute little ferry about 50 yards across a small lake to Le Chalet des Iles.  It is early – 8:00 pm - but the sun has started to descend a bit making the evening not so sweltering.   And the park like setting of the Bois de Boulogne gives us the feeling of cool respite.  The restaurant’s lights are just starting to come on and we see diners already at the waterside tables as we pull up to the restaurant’s ferry dock.

We love it!  The food is just ok but the ambiance is perfect for this summer evening. 

Lac Inférieur du Bois de Boulogne

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