Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get me out of this traffic!

Bangalore (Bengaluru), India

I just don’t understand how anyone can handle this traffic and the seemingly constant horn honking.  It is exhausting traveling in this city and in all of the other cities I’ve visited in India! After just a few hours seeing the sights, I so look forward to getting back to our oasis in the middle of this busy busy city.  And so tonight we dine at the Leela Hotel’s Jamavar restaurant.  Excellent service and food. 

The chicken seekh kebab appetizer is memorable.  I was wondering how in the world they could make this chicken kebab so moist and flavorful.  I mean it does have the name kebab so I thought these were individual pieces of chicken that must have been marinated some special way.  On further research I found out that seekh kebabs are not actual pieces of meat but instead are made by mincing chicken or lamb (including lots of the meat’s fat and sometimes adding more), combining this mixture with spices and then shaping the mixture over a flat metal skewer.

This was only my second time visiting India.   Understanding and appreciating this country must be an on-going process so I will need to have more travel time here.   In the meantime:  I continue to be fascinated and a bit appalled by the rigid caste system.   I think I’ve learned to appreciate the strong tie with your food encouraged by the tradition of eating with the hands  (although I’ve only tried it at one dinner – it was a real eye opener).   I am unfortunately getting more immune to the large number of stray dogs living off of scraps on the streets.   I still love seeing the sacred cows walking down the middle of roads or lying in doorways.  I am often shocked at the dichotomy of the beautifully colored saris on women walking along dirty streets.  I know ghee (clarified butter) is added to almost all foods but I try to forget this as I enjoy the cuisine.  And I still find the traffic almost personally debilitating.

I will need a bit of a break before I return…

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