Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Too Brief Stop in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

We love Thai food.  One of our go-to take out places is the excellent Amarin on Castro St. in Mountain View, Ca.   Our typical order is the hot and sour soup  (but hold the mushrooms), yellow curry chicken and steamed rice.  The soup is a must when anyone in the family is feeling under the weather.

While we were flying to Thailand both of our children, pretty much at the same time,  had this grand revelation:  “Oh my gosh Thailand – Thai food is in Thailand!”  I do sometimes wonder about them....

I can’t concentrate too much on the food here – the ocean breezes and pounding surf, the gorgeous Thai architecture, the tropical foliage and, since we are here during the rainy season, the turbulent weather with multiple downpours and storms during the day divert my attention at this lovely Tresara resort.


  1. What a wonderful place -- on the top of my "wish list"! (Re food, we love Amarin in Mountain View, and also Krung Siam and Thaiphoon in Palo Alto. Keo's in Hawaii has fabulous Thai food in a beautiful setting.) Also love the description of the location, weather, architecture etc.

  2. I need to branch out and will try Krung Siam and Thaiphoon- thank you for the suggestions! And would love to get to Keo's - I checked and found that it is in Waikiki.