Saturday, February 18, 2012

24 Hours in Milan

More than enough time in my opinion….

“Not as pretty as Venice, Florence and Rome but unique in its own way.”  The front desk receptionist echoed what we have heard from many others.  Fortunately, since we only have 24 hours, our hotel, the Rosa Grand StarHotel, is perfectly located in the city center, right next to the Duomo (cathedral) and the main square of central Milan.   Our junior suite and the hotel lobby cry out design, design, design!  I love this décor.  Modern and functional yet lovely - just what you would expect from one of the fashion design capitals of the world.

I’m sure if you stayed here longer you would find ways to appreciate this city but I didn’t leave anything here so won’t need to come back.  There are a few notable sites if you happen to be passing through on route to somewhere else or if you have business here.  La Scala – the famous opera house is of course one.  La Scala seems a bit underwhelming on first glance from the outside and unfortunately we were not able to check out the inside as the performance the night we are here is canceled due to a strike - apparently not an uncommon occurrence.

Another notable site is painting of The Last Supper at the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.  We think we will be able to just stop by and see this famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci.  We should have known better and done a bit of research.  You must have a ticket to see the painting and they are of course sold out.  Plan ahead on this one.

We had made reservations and are looking forward to dinner tonight at Hostaria Borromei, a spot my husband had tried and liked on a previous trip.  But after finally honing in on the restaurant through the twisty turny streets of old Milan, we were shocked to see that it was closed.  We must have made the reservations for the wrong night!   But things turned out quite well as the hotel’s concierge gave us a great recommendation: Ristorante Il Coriandolo.  We had an excellent meal.  Fine de Claire oysters from France to start (#2 size – not too big, just right…), then a saffron risotto with pistachio nuts, sprinkled attractively with parsley, followed by a sautéed sea bream with a champagne and pumpkin seed sauce served with white bean in olive oil and parsley.  My husband appreciates Italian Pinot Grigios but I find them a bit too fruity and prefer a chardonnay style wine so the waiter was quite resourceful and suggested an excellent Le Rime by Banfi 2010 – 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Grigio.  He obviously was able to pick up quickly on the nature of our marital relationship.

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